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About Our Fudge

Over the years we have had requests from our customers to provide fresh fudge for offices, personal and corporate gifts. After careful research, we think that we have found just what our customers are looking for! Our fudge is made fresh in small batches and we continue to receive rave reviews.

Fudge Flavors

We offer a variety of flavors, some of which may bes:

Butter Pecan, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Canadian Maple, Maple Nut, Rocky Road, Pralines and Cream, Chocolate.

**Allergy Alert-fudge may have been in contact or contain nuts and nut products.

Shelf Life

Our fudge is hand-made in small batches. It will not go “bad”. After a period of time, the fudge may start to lose it’s moisture content or may start to get softer. This will not effect the taste or flavour. Our fudge has a 2 to 4 month shelf life at room temperature. The fudge may also be frozen. Our fudge is made to a medium texture. If you would like it a little firmer: let it stand out of its package a few hours or over night to allow it to firm up. Like it a little softer: 10 to 20 seconds in the microwave is great! If you would like it to stay softer: knead the fudge until it is as soft as you like. Any of these methods of changing the texture will not effect the flavour.

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