Boodles of Baskets Boodles of Cookies Boodles of Popcorn Boodles of Fudge

Since I was a little girl, I have ALWAYS been a big fan of fudge, especially chocolate fudge!  Little did I know, looking back at that little girl with her long pony tails, that one day, I’d be selling the best (our customers words…ok, ours too :)) fudge EVER!

Our Fudge is made of the finest ingredients (the only way to make the best fudge). You’ll fall in love with the rich creamy flavor. We should warn you though, the first piece is never enough, so go ahead, take two right off the start, and remember to lick your fingers!

My favorite way to eat Boodles of Fudge is to take a small piece (ok, a really big piece–don’t judge me :)) and place it in the microwave for about 9 or 10 seconds.  The fudge comes out warm and even more delicious, if that is even possible! 

Each pound of Boodles of Fudge is hand poured into a lined gold tin (we also carry specialty tins for the holidays throughout the year). The tin(s) is wrapped with chiffon ribbon and sent on its way to its future VERY happy recipient.  You may also add one of our FREE custom labels to the top of you tin to wish them a Merry Christmas, Happy Mother’s Day, Get Well, etc.

We offer nine, yes NINE, flavors of fudge. Each one as delicious as the others.  Consider, chocolate, chocolate nut, maple, maple nut, praline and cream, cookies and cream, butter pecan, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint.

We can stack up to five tins, that’s 5 lbs of fudge, to send to your favorite loved one, co-worker or customer.

Over the years, we’ve shipped our fudge to every province in Canada, and continental state in the USA, so we’ve got lots of experience getting it there fresh and on time.

Why not visit today?  Take a look at our amazing fudge, order some for someone special, (don’t forget yourself!), or bookmark our site for when you need a truly special gift sometime in the future.

Happy shopping!

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